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Care tips

Cossmik items are made to a high standard of quality. Provided you take care of your items, they should last you for a lifetime. Please follow this guide to prolong the life of your items. x

Metal finishings

Being exposed to the elements, household chemicals, body perspiration and oils, perfume, rain and pretty much any kind of moisture, most jewelry made of silver, gold or other base metal (and hence silver-plated or gold-plated) is prone to tarnish. This gives way to discolouration and a dulling effect on your metal finishings.

To clean your pieces up, you're going to want to get your hands on a silver or gold polishing cloth. Since all the metal finishings on the Cossmik pieces are silver-plated or gold-plated, it is recommended to use a cloth rather than a cleaning solution, which may strip the plating.

Highly recommend Town Talk Clean & Polish. I use the "Brilliant Gold Polishing Cloth" and "Original Anti-Tarnish Silver Polishing Cloth" to shine metal finishings on Cossmik pieces before dispatching. Follow the directions on the package. In summary this is to GENTLY polish item; and do not wash the cloth as the high quality cotton it is made of is impregnated with silver cleaner and anti-tarnish agent.

Silver-plated components do react with the air and thus begins to tarnish the silver. A small packet of silica gel is recommended to be kept alongside your piece in a small air-tight (low humidity) bag. A snap-lock bag should suffice.

Epoxy (resin) pieces

Minor markings on the epoxy may be removed simply by washing with a mild soap or detergent, or soapy (luke warm) water. Avoid water contact with metal finishings on the piece, if any.

Only to be used for extremely stubborn markings, a cloth with a spot of methylated spirits or isopropyl alcohol may be used to quickly and effectively remove the mark. Ensure to wash off the methylated spirits or isopropyl alcohol with soapy water (as above).

If your item gets scratched, use Novus Plastic Polish to smooth out those scratches, and maintain an awesome sheen look.

Keep your item away from extreme heat or out of constant sunlight (e.g. window sill or a hot car). Not doing so will soften the epoxy or distort it out of shape, and may dull any bright colours or yellow any clear resin on your piece.

A little moisturiser on the epoxy makes it look brand new.

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